Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Working Mom

Assalamualaikum dear readers...

Well..despite all my busy life, I try so hard to write this. At least, after 5 months..phew~

My baby is almost 7 months old now. Yeah I know, time is running fast right? She has her first teeth before reaching 5 months old! Now, she already has 8 teeth... I think it is quite a lot for a 7 months old pumpkin. It just that I must give my maximum ability as a mom to keep her teeth clean and perfectly sparkling healthy and shining white. <ewahh>

So, talking about being a working mommy, I think I just need a really "superpower" to make everything done. Even though in normal days, my life just being chaotic! Everything was upside down in my head...sometimes, I forgot what day was that day...urghh...
But I'm really grateful for having such a nice and understanding (plus handsome and good looking... ;P) husband. He always help me with the house chores...and sometimes looks after our baby while I'm doing my "personal business" (you know what I mean)

But, the most important thing is being a mother teaches me to be patient, be the best person I can be, and so much more positive things. But most of all, it taught me to love unconditionally...because a mother's love is eternity.

That's all for now.
Hope to see you soon.

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